VALYXIR x SORGA Technology

Nov 06, 2023

VALYXIR x SORGA Technology

What is SORGA?   

SORGA aims to accelerate responsible consumption by empowering consumers with reliable and verifiable information. The technology was developed by MAP EMULSION, a mission-driven company specializing in digital innovation for retail brands, and its Marseille-based partner KeeeX, a pioneer in cybersecurity and blockchain.


SORGA is a tamper-proof Digital Passport (Digital Product Passport, DPP) solution that can be accessed directly via the product's barcode from This technology securely reveals the history of each product as well as verifiable evidence of the brand's commitments.


SORGA DPPs meet the European Commission's expectations for consumer information on the impact, sustainability and circularity of products. They enable consumers to discover the verifiable CSR commitments of brands (before purchasing).


What's the point?

VALYXIR develops and produces skincare products based on certified organic ingredients sourced mainly from Switzerland and Europe. All the development and the manufacturing take place in Switzerland. What's more, our alpine flowers come from sustainable sources.


All this information is not easily accessible on traditional packaging. That's why we decided to equip our ALPINE GARDEN CLEANSING RITUAL with SORGA technology. The product has a digital passport that gives you key, verifiable information.

How to access the SORGA passport?

It's easy to consult a SORGA passport: just go to and scan the barcode of your ALPINE GARDEN CLEANSING RITUAL.


You don't have the product at hand?

Go to the ALPINE GARDEN CLEANSING RITUAL product page on our website and click on the button.