Edelweiss, Treasure of the Alpine Summits

Aug 05, 2023

Edelweiss, Treasure of the Alpine Summits
Welcome to the fascinating world of alpine flora! Edelweiss is an emblematic flower that grows in the high mountains of the Alps. It symbolizes beauty, rarity and purity. In this article, we'll explore the secrets of this alpine flower and discover why it's so valued as a cosmetic ingredient.


Edelweiss, or Leontopodium alpinum as it is scientifically known, is a delicate mountain flower with furry white petals. This flower has many other names, such as star of the glacier, silver star or everlasting flower of the Alps.


Common Name


Latin name

Leontopodium alpinum


Leontopodium Alpinum Flower / Leaf Extract

Parts used

Flowering tops


End June, full blooming


1’000 - 3’000 m


This flower is best known for its ability to withstand extreme climatic conditions, including intense sunshine, freezing temperatures, and strong winds. In nature, this plant is an expert in self-protection.  It develops specific active ingredients notably to protect against the sun's rays. This characteristic makes it particularly interesting for use in anti-aging cosmetics.


A legendary alpine flower to protect your skin

Edelweiss is widely recognized for its antioxidant properties. Recently, its effectiveness as an anti-ageing active ingredient has been scientifically proven. 

 More specifically, edelweiss extract has the following properties:

  • protects the skin against oxidative stress and helps prevent signs of premature aging.
  • Reinforces the skin's protective barrier, making it more resistant to environmental influences.
  • Helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles.


Transparency of origin and sustainability

Wild edelweiss can be found in many Alpine countries, at altitudes of up to 3,000 metres.


To produce our extract, the flowers are not picked from the wild. Instead, edelweiss are grown by local farmers at altitudes of between 1,000 and 1,500 meters in the Swiss Alps. Altitudes above 1000 m guarantee maximum content of active compounds.


What's more, they are cultivated sustainably and organically, in accordance with Bio Suisse organic standards.



Discover the magic of Edelweiss, bottled for you

Edelweiss, the majestic mountain flower, offers much more than its ephemeral beauty. As a cosmetic active ingredient, it embodies the power of alpine nature to preserve and beautify your skin.

Our REVITALIZING MOUNTAIN FLOWER SERUM is crafted to deliver the benefits of Edelweiss directly to your skin, empowering you with a radiant and youthful glow.




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